Save Your Mags and Your Thumbs - Pick Up an Uplula Loader

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When you spend a lot of time at the range firing off loads of rounds in a sitting, it doesn’t matter to you or your equipment whether your purpose is competition, training, or preparing for self-defense. The point is, being proficient with your weapon requires hard, constant, and consistent use, and that means firing lots of rounds. If this is the case for you, you know that even in the best of conditions constantly loading rounds into your magazines by hand will wear out your fingers and your magazine feeds long before you have finished shooting.

In inclement conditions, rain, cold, and other impediments to loading and shooting can turn practice into a slick and frostbitten folly and a shooting bench littered with spilled and loose brass. That’s why savvy shooters make the wise investment into a Maglula UpLULA Loader that will save your hands and equipment, and even save you time, all while keeping your mags loaded and range ready.

You can find an UpLULA loader to help you load your magazines holding most cartridges from 9mm Luger to .45 ACP, including .357 Sig Sauer, 10mm and .380 ACP, with very few exceptions. They will also have you loading magazines at up to one round per second, three times faster than the old thumb press. Perhaps the best part is that these loaders require no adjustments and are ready to go out of the box. You can even find models that are modified to handle loading .22 LR cartridges that are ubiquitous and perhaps surprisingly popular cartridges for handguns, so there’s a loader for a shooter of every preference, whether your main sidearm is a .45 ACP or a .22 LR plinker.

These loaders will keep your mags loaded and you painlessly prepared for hours if not days of shooting at the range, competing in long range competition, three gun, or simply getting acquainted with your gun so you are ready for self-defense. When you are shooting the number of rounds required by these means, a loader is a necessity for range preparation. Whatever your reasons, an UpLULA loader will keep you ready and prepared.

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