Will Failing a Class Affect My Child's College Application?

Pay attention to your child's grades as it can affect college admission.

When time comes for your child to start thinking about college, it can become stressful for everyone involved, including parents. It's a wonderful and exciting time, but also a time to consider how to give our children the best chance possible at getting into their dream college. Their grades will always be the defining factor in this, so if they are failing a class it is important to think about how that could affect a student's chances of being accepted.

How Does the Class Affect Your GPA?

Colleges are picky when it comes to GPA, and it can be the deciding factor on most applications. While colleges may look at the entire transcript, it is more common they will look at the GPA on its own initially, which can be a problem for students who have failed a class. GPA can be a very precarious figure, and a single failed class can have a serious impact on it. When colleges have a specific GPA requirement, then one failed class in high school can be enough to push a student below the threshold for acceptance. If you need to work out how a failed class will affect a specific student's GPA, you can use a GPA calculator.

Can the Credits Be Recovered?

There are several options for recovering high school credits, and which ones, if any, will work for a student depends on them, their school, and what they want to achieve. There are plenty of options out there, such as summer school, which may be dreaded by most students, but is a very viable and useful alternative. Another recent and popular alternative is online recovery programs, which give students an opportunity to gain back high school credits from home.

Is the GED an Option?

The GED can be a very promising option for students who need to catch up on some of their high school credits. Having a GED test passed on their transcripts will be a big boost for any applicant, and in the eyes of colleges may wipe away any failed high school classes. According to research, 58% of students enrolled in some type of post-secondary education after receiving their GED credential.

A failed class in high school can have a serious impact on college applications, but there are good alternatives to help with this, and none better than the GED.