Modern Trends in Door Designs

There are a number of design ideas available for people who are looking to get creative with their doors, be it outside or inside their homes. The trends in door designs also show how the use of glass has been increasing in doors and about the elegance it adds to them.

The entrance of any place, be it a house, office, or any building, says a lot about the aura of the place. The main door is what welcomes people and the first thing that makes an impression on them. Nowadays, people have been paying more attention to their doors and the door designs they opt for. There are a lot of options available in the market, as well as some custom work that one may choose.

With the rise of home décor magazines and design shows and awareness of the same, people know more these days about what is happening around the globe when it comes to interior design and their homes in general. This provides information to understand the current trends as well as the trends of the past.

Indian homes have also started following international trends and have begun personalizing designs to their liking. While wooden doors make the entrance look pleasing, adding glass to the doors can make it even more appealing. Following are some of the trends in door designs that are gaining popularity:


There are a lot of design ideas available on the internet and people are ready to jump into the deep end when it comes to personalizing. Whether it’s the height, width, color, or the amount of glass they want to add, there are countless options available. In the older houses that were constructed back in the day, the door frames used to be made out of metal, which somewhat limited the customizability of the design. Now, wooden frames and uPVC frames allow for a lot of aesthetic changes to be made.

Stepping Away from Tradition

The trends in doors have moved quite far from what the traditional set ups used to be, both in terms of dimensions and aesthetics. The traditional swing doors have now evolved for a variety of other doors, like sliding doors in bedrooms, pocket doors in bathrooms, etc.

Sharp Clean Lines

Even though the designs have been changing, the use of clean lines has remained constant. Some people prefer the minimalistic style, wherein clean lines help them stand out. This trend is expected to grow and be implemented in different ways.

Different Types of Door

  • Sliding Doors: Sliding doors look amazing and also save space as they don’t have to swing open. They are great for smaller spaces and also look elegant in big spaces. They can be fitted with see through glass, frosted glass or wood.
  • Slide and Fold Door: These types of doors are used in rooms overlooking terraces and gardens. They offer large openings and have a slide and fold mechanism that is quite useful.
  • Lift and Slide: These types of doors glide on rollers that are extremely easy to open and close.
  • Designer Doors: Designer doors have beautiful looking front panels that are implemented on standard swinging doors.