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The popularity of SKS rifles is not a surprising fact, considering the efficiency of the semi-automatic platform and its pairing with the immensely capable 7.62 x 39 cartridge. Effective for military applications, target and competition shooting, even hunting. The SKS carbine has a loyal following and for good reason. However, the fixed wood stock that it is frequently built around has its drawbacks.

Though handsome and effective for some shooters, there are times when a modular tactical stock has its benefits. Some shooters spend upwards of ten thousand dollars for shotguns that have only slightly adjustable combs and lengths of pull, and all for a better fit. Now, that isn’t to say that clay shooting and rifle shooting should be measured by the same yardstick, but people are willing to pay a premium for a better fit to the shooter, and those are comparable metrics whether the gun is a rifle or a smoothbore. When you make the choice to invest in an SKS tactical stock, you’ll be getting an immense amount of maneuverability and options regarding positioning, comb height, length of pull and more, not to mention that you might drop some weight from the overall gun.

Of course, you’ll need to find an option that suits you as well as your gun, which is why you should head straight to White Knight Supply when you’re looking for an SKS tactical stock. When you look to White Knight Supply you’ll be sure to find what you need amongst their plethora of options. If you want something simple, perhaps a slight improvement over the wood stock would be the ATI SKS Monte Carlo stock, which offers a black poly unit with an adjustable comb for a better fit to the shooter.

Then again there is the ATI SKS Strikeforce, which offers a six-position side folding stock with an adjustable cheek rest and four Picatinny rails. With its impressive adjustability, this stock is adaptable to nearly every shooter and situation. You might even prefer the TAPCO SKS stock, which offers a six-position extending butt, a handguard with a rail, all incorporated into a glass-filled nylon unit with storage compartments. The point is, when you come looking for an SKS tactical stock at White Knight Supply, you’ll find something you’ll love, regardless of the level of modularity you’re after.

The best part is, all of these models and more are available at White Knight Supply, for excellent prices and with free shipping tacked on. That means that you can shop from the comfort of home for the tactical equipment you need, find it all at unbelievable prices and then not even have to add on more for shipping, which, by the way, is ridiculously fast from White Knight Supply. There’s only one logical solution, and that’s to head to the next time you’re making some tactical adjustments or alterations. Not only will the prices astound you, but the level of selection simply can’t be beaten.