A Quick chit-chat on Lifecycle of ICO-Rather than technical aspects

Experiencing the roller-coaster rides on ICO concepts with technical stuff? Let’s have the gossip about the ICO development services with a cup of coffee!

Does ICO is projected as a spiral circle in your minds? Here're our experts to discuss the pros and cons of ICO develo

Newspapers, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Linkedin, and much more social media roar about the ICO fundraising projects. But, if you’re a newbie peeping into the digital assets and its investment ideas, of course, ICO, IEO, STO, IPO are messing up aspects.

Today, let’s have a clear idea about “the parent of digital investments”, ICO and its usual lifecycle of reaching investors!

What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is a popular fundraising technique for cryptocurrency start-ups and established businesses. ICO is just like our hotel's reservation system!

Yes! Before the launch of crypto tokens, the team of start-up reserves a certain amount of new crypto coins to the “whitelist” investors who can fund capital for the ICO project. The funds are received in the form of crypto coins like BitCoins, Ethereum or even fiat currencies from the whitelist investors.

ICO’s indirectly promote the usage of new launch cryptocurrency before even getting into the market and attracts the developer's notice. Once the ICO project reaches the team of professional developers, successful steps of launching crypto coins are nowhere longer!

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