The Capabilities of Alternative Hair Loss Prevention Products and Organic Shampoos

Baldness is a very commonly seen every day. However, the uncommon part is that the start of baldness has been seldom witnessed by a person who hasn’t been balding yet.

And for the individual who is experiencing receding hair and a subsequent hair loss, the experience is an accumulation of a lot of “whys” in the entire life of a person. In other words, it feels almost like shell-shocked. But why does it occur is the gazillion dollar question. An ongoing medical treatment, or a chemotherapy or malnutrition are the some of the cases where it may be expected. However, when these are not the cases, only one reason stands out – hormones. 


Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a hormone that causes hair loss. A lot of hair loss prevention products are advertised as the blockers of DHT converting enzymes, but in reality Trichologists are skeptic about these claims. Naturally derived organic shampoo for hair loss like those which have rahua oil can be the answer to this woe. Obtained from the depths of Ecuadorian Amazon, rahua oil is rich in omega-9 particles.


It is small enough to seep in to the hair shaft and strengthen it from within. Topical hair loss prevention products may include a blend of essential oils and apple stem cells. Studies have shown that apple stem cells have the ability to prolong the anagen cycle of hair follicles. Scalp oxygenation aids in hair growth as well.