More Than a Day at the Pool: The Health Benefits of Swimming

Here are some benefits of spending time in the pool.

It's easy to think of a day at the pool as just a fun activity. However, swimming has tons of health benefits that will help you stay fit as you increase your strength and enjoy the water. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits swimming can have for your health.

Burns Calories

Swimming is a cardiovascular workout that will help you burn calories. You may not feel like you are moving fast or working hard in the water, but swimming is a major calorie burner that will tone your body and strengthen your muscles. Swimming laps burns a lot of calories, and there are different factors that determine how many calories you burn, such as weight, speed, and the type of stroke you use. The duration of your workout and how intensely you swim will also affect your calorie burning. 

Builds Endurance

Building endurance is essential when you're swimming laps. You must be able to keep good form in your stroke as well as keep going when you feel your body aching. Breathing at the right times is an important skill to learn, but even though you will be able to come up for air, swimming requires tons of endurance just to keep going. It's important to start slowly when you begin a swim routine. The way the water makes you feel buoyant can be misleading, causing you to move too fast or too far early in your workout. Take slow strides to build endurance and know that the endurance you build in the water will help you in every aspect of life.

Works the Entire Body

Swimming is a one-stop workout for your entire body. You will tone your arms, build strength in your legs, activate your core and work the muscles in between. With one workout, you can help your entire body receive the attention it needs to stay fit and firm. Since it's not always easy to find time to squeeze in a workout, it's wise to choose one that gives you the most benefits. Swimming does that since it helps major organs in your body without much of a risk of injuries. Swimming is a low-impact exercise. That doesn't mean it's easy or ineffective. It simply offers you a workout without the same risks as weight lifting or running. Avoiding injuries means you won't have to skip workouts due to recovery time.


If you’re looking for a low-impact activity that is great exercise for your body, consider swimming regularly. Swimming is a major workout with a multitude of health benefits. Not only can you have fun while you’re at the pool—you can also get a great workout that will help you to achieve your fitness goals.