When is the Best Time of Year to Move?

Here are some thoughts on when it is best to move.

Moving can be challenging no matter what time of year you choose, but there are certain seasons that make your big transition easier. Determining when it's best to pack up and hit the road helps you make a solid moving plan that takes the entire family into consideration and saves you time and money. The following list offers some pros and cons for each season, so you can choose the right time of year for your next move.

Pros and Cons of Spring

The pros of moving during spring include milder temperatures and lower moving expenses. These can make spring an ideal time to move, even if you need help with transporting your belongings. According to Move-tastic, a professional moving company can handle moving, packing and storage to help you have an easy move any time of the year. The cons of a spring move include frequent rain and colder temperatures, which can cause issues and delays if you're planning on moving during the wetter part of the season.

Pros and Cons of Summer

Moving in the summer is fantastic if you're selling your home at the height of buying season, and it's easier on your family since the kids are out of school. Infrequent storms with mostly clear skies make moving in the summer a great time. However, summer weather can sometimes be too hot to move locations comfortably, and moving expenses are at their highest when gas prices also tend to increase during this season.

Pros and Cons of Fall

Fall is a great time of the year to move. The weather is just about perfect with storms not yet brewing, and it's less expensive since it's the beginning of the off-season. Unfortunately, moving in the Fall is also the beginning of the school season, and your move could affect your child's schedule.

Pros and Cons of Winter

The best thing about moving in the winter is that the moving rates are at their lowest, and if you're hiring a moving company their schedules are more flexible. According to Great Colorado Homes, inclement weather is a major issue during the winter, making moving difficult and potentially dangerous. Additionally, the holiday season presents challenges with overly crowded roadways.

Taking time to explore all of your moving options and when the best time of the year for you to move would be allows you to plan and prepare for any scenario that could make your move more difficult. Proper planning for weather and moving expenses helps you pick the best time to execute your move, making your transition as smooth as possible.

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