Addressing an Ethical Issue

The United States of America is a multinational country and the question of racism and the relations between different ethnic groups is very sharp nowadays.


Perhaps, one of the main reasons for such relations is that people of different nationalities cannot understand each other and the types of the behavior. The paper is aimed to show the way how to introduce ethnic tolerance in the company and recommend a strategy for communicating policy within the corporation. It is known that there are several strategies of ethic communication: social inclusion, social exclusion and segregation. Social inclusion is a process and lifestyle of a society where every its member feels protected, cared about and needed. People’s differences and uniqueness are respected and valued, while social exclusion is the opposite to the social inclusion. It is characterized by the fact that when present in the society it makes people feel non-needed by the government. He or she is out of the cultural, economical, political and social processes, which means that a person is not fully integrated into the society. Segregation is another social process when groups of people are separated because of their race, religion, ethnicity and other factors. Sometimes segregation referrs to inequality because people who belong to minor groups tend to feel useless and make attempts to do their best to belong to a majority group.

It is very important to understand that all people are different and they are unique in their difference. This is the main idea of social inclusion. Besides, social inclusion calls for a validation and recognition of diversity as well as a recognition of the commonality of lived experiences and the shared aspirations among people, particularly evident among families with children.

It is very important to understand that such social inclusion is perfect for modern American society, because such policy means that nobody feels bad about his or her skin color. Nowadays this sounds more like a myth. Since hundred years non-white Americans were considered to be different, those who cannot become worthy of living in such a society. Although the laws have been changed and non-white Americans have the same rights as white citizens of the United States of America, the situation has not changed. Nowadays the governmental authorities try to solve this problem, establishing special governmental programs which help people to understand different nations and societies and accept others in the way they are. The problem of inclusion in modern American society should be solved, because such situation may lead to war of nations. Non-white Americans can feel oppressed and sometimes humiliated and white Americans state that they rights are oppressed because non-whites have rights. It is difficult to understand who is right and who is wrong in this particular situation. On the other hand, it is easy to understand that people living in the United States of America are different and they need to be heard and feel valued. The policy of social inclusion is impossible nowadays in the United States of America because neither government nor both minorities and majority are interested in such changes. As it was mentioned above, social exclusion is the process, opposite to social inclusion. Although it is much harmful process for the society, it is more studied than social inclusion. There are three types of social exclusion: individual exclusion, community exclusion and professional exclusion. When speaking about race, scientists always mean community exclusion because every ethnical minority is a community with its traditions and habits. The history of social exclusion in the United States of America is rather long. For hundreds of years white Americas were a majority and they were establishing immigrant laws, which became one of the tools of social exclusion. For example, in 1965 the Congress of the United States of America has passed the new Immigration Act which established special quota for immigrants from the western Hemisphere. One may state that this is not an example of exclusion, however, the problem is much deeper. Such act was passed in the Congress as some politicians thought that if the number of immigrants from the western Hemisphere increases, this will necessarily lead to the increase in the number of immigrants from the Latin America. Such approach shows non-professionalism and perhaps even racism. Such policy led to the increase in the number of illegal immigrants in the United States of America, which proves that not every citizen pays taxes. To my mind, the policy of exclusion may be dangerous for modern American society because such policy does not unite any nation or citizens of one country. Besides, such situation may lead to interracial conflicts. Social inclusion and exclusion are two sides of the same coin and they both have advantages and disadvantages. However, it is important to realize and accept that there will be always those who try to understand other cultures and people’s characters, as well as there will be those who will refuse to communicate with people who have different skin color. Therefore, it is impossible to make everybody live only according to the rules of inclusion policy.

Another problem of modern society of the United States of America is the problem of segregation. Race is the main criterion for such processes. As it was mentioned above, segregation is a social process of dividing the whole nation into different groups, depending on people’s race, religion, ethnicity etc. When speaking about segregation, scientists almost always refer to the oppression of African Americans. It was common practice in the United States of America that African Americans attended other schools than white Americans; they were not allowed to enter shops for white Americans; they were living in special blocks; everything was done to separate white Americans from African Americans. Scientists divide segregation into two types: de facto and de jure. De jure segregation was stopped in 1941 but de facto it exists even nowadays. Jim Crow laws were laws segregating people by their race. Although the Supreme Court of the United States of America has struck down the Civil Rights Act of 1875 and the racial segregation was forbidden in trains and hotels, in the South the situation did not change: the Jim Crow laws guaranteed that black Americans had separate schools, entrances and receptions in public building and separate places in trains. Besides, black Americans had separate restrooms and drinking fountains; they were allowed to visit museums only at special hours. Before the Civil war black Americans were slaves but after the Civil war the situation became even worse: the process of segregation was supported by the police and local authorities, besides, there were terrorists’ movements such as Ku Klux Klan or Knight of White Camellia, the participants of which murdered thousands of African Americans. Nowadays the situation in the United States of America is also difficult because the representatives of minorities feel not needed anymore and oppressed. People feel that they are lost, they came to the United States of America to work on plants and factories, to improve its economics. However, nowadays plants and factories are automated and the man workers are not needed anymore. On the other hand, they cannot go back to their home country because they do not have any job there and place to live. Besides, the representatives of minorities feel non-respected, because of such processes as segregation and social exclusion.

The best solution for every company is to choose the inclusion strategy, because it allows the employees to know each other better, to understand the cultural values of each other. The point is that all people are different, and it is significant for every employee to be able to work in a team. The main idea of inclusion is to teach the workers to build up a team and work within it, no matter whether there are differences between the members of the team or not. However, the employer should understand that there are several exceptions in such a rule, for example, people may have some religious differences and they will feel uncomfortable to work with each other. That is why it is important to be not only an employer, but also a psychologist to be able to create a team. The other problem is that employees will not want to cooperate and build teams because of the arguments with some of the colleagues.

The problem of ethical issue is urgent nowadays in the United States of America, because the country is multinational and it is impossible to have a corporation made of people all of who share the same points of view. The employers should understand the significance of the issue and help the employees to cooperate and to learn how to work together even if they have some problems with each other. People should realize that the United States of America is a multinational country and to prevent cultural and ethnical conflicts some measures should be taken. That is why it is important to establish some governmental programs to help citizens understand each other. Besides, there should be policy of encouraging parents to admit their children to multinational schools, which will help to make the policy of inclusion be natural for future society of the United States of America.

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