Why School Online Won’t Be as Bad as You Think

As online school really starts to set in, it can be tempting to feel frustrated with staring at a screen all day for class. Yet, despite some of the setbacks that online school may initially provide, it can actually present incredible opportunities. This article will walk you through three

More Independence

If you value your independence, online learning can actually be a big plus. Online learning provides you much greater flexibility—on the day to day, you’ll be able to go to lunch with a friend and then immediately after, plug your headphones in so you’re ready for class. Additionally, you could feasibly even go on vacation and still be able to attend class.


Truly, though online learning can seem to present some challenges at first, it’s important to take advantage of this time that provides so much leeway. Plan those hikes in-between classes that you’ve had your eye on. Go on that road trip! With online classes, you can be more adventurous than you could have been before the pandemic.

Less Travel

There are also cost savings associated with online school. Perhaps most poignantly, online learning involves less travel. Eliminating the need to drive to school can add up to a not insignificant sum.


Furthermore, if you are possibly attending a university outside of your home state, you may be able to save big time by staying home for the semester. You could save big on housing costs and groceries while being able to spend quality time with family members.

Personalized Pacing

Online learning can provide you the opportunity to better pace your learning. Many courses are held asynchronously. This means that the lectures are recorded and the student can watch them later.


For many students, the ability to watch a lecture at his or her own speed is a huge plus. You’ll be able to review concepts that may have been confusing at first, skim through those of which you have a solid understanding, and review the lecture material over and over to ensure complete comprehension.


It’s hard to sit in the same spot on your couch for hours on end, sometimes the wifi is spotty, and sometimes you just can’t focus. Though online schooling presents its challenges, it’s important to recognize all the incredible opportunities that it presents as well. Think creatively about your situation and find ways to make this online learning awesome.

Franck Auguste

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