What to Do When One of Your Employees Tests Positive for COVID-19

It’s easy for you to start panicking if one of your employees tests positive for Covid-19. Whether you are a small business, a food chain, an office, or any other type of business, making a plan of action for what to do in case one or more of your employees test positive is absolutely es

Have Your Employees Tested

It is very likely that at some point during the pandemic you will have an employee test positive for COVID-19. If the infected employee has been in the office or around any other employees, have those who they could have come in contact with be tested. If anyone else is infected, make it mandatory for them to stay home and take extra precautions to ensure that your other employees will be safe.

Checking employee temperatures or having them self-report any symptoms and having them stay home if they’ve been exposed to anyone who has been sick are ways to keep the exposure rate among your employees to a minimum.

Clean Your Workspace

Regardless of any positive cases or not, you should be making sure to sanitize surfaces as much as possible. Wiping down keyboards, tables, doorknobs, and other equipment is important to both the safety of your workers and any visitors who may enter the area. You will have to budget time to make sure areas are properly cleaned and sanitized. A 1,500 square foot area will take up to two hours to fully clean. Larger areas will take more time.

Work Remotely if Possible

While there are ways to still be able to do things in person, spikes in the pandemic may affect your ability to operate face-to-face. If your work can be moved online, it would be safest to do so when you can have more control over training or other procedures that need to take place before your employees are able to continue working remotely. If you are not able to move your entire operation online, finding a way for sick employees to be able to continue working would be a good plan to establish.

In the midst of a global pandemic, uncertainty, and fear over what to do when an employee tests positive are running rampant. While you can’t control the possibility of your employees catching COVID-19, there are things you can do to lessen or slow the spread. Making plans of how to take care of your employees and prevent illness from spreading are ways you can still do the best work possible while staying safe.

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