5 Strategies for Coping with a Sudden Eviction

Here are some ways to deal with receiving an eviction notice.

Getting evicted is a painful process, and not knowing what to do only makes it a more stressful experience. Add not having much money or time to make the move, and the process can turn out to be a disaster. While the choices you have depend on your situation, there are some general strategies that can help ease things a little.

Know Your Rights

While it may seem that your landlord would know the laws better because it's what they do for a living, not all property owners are always right when it comes to these types of things. Taking the time to learn about how you're protected during eviction is important, and there are plenty of online resources to help.

Visit your local government's website to check out the rental laws that are specific to your area and/or check out an eviction guide written for people who find themselves in your situation. By taking the time to investigate your rights, you could possibly buy yourself some time.


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Where to Look for Financial Assistance

Evictions do happen. If you don't have deposit money, find out how to apply for deposit assistance from any of the organizations that offer it. Apply to more than one. Here are some places and ways to help you get financial assistance if you've been evicted or if you’re facing eviction soon:

  • Churches and charitable organizations
  • Crowdfunding
  • Deposit Assistance Agency
  • Family and friends
  • Personal loans
  • Sell what you can live without
  • Temporary jobs

By the way, states usually staff helplines to help people in their times of need. This is something you might want to investigate as these agencies provide you with a complete list of services in your area. Each community is different, so you always want to embrace the localized approach in situations like this. Don't forget deposit assistance agencies can help you with deposit costs, as it's the most valuable resource for those who have been evicted.


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Store Your Stuff and Embrace Room Rentals

While this may work best as a last resort, it can provide you with a temporary fix until you have a chance to get back on your feet. You may have to find a storage facility to put your stuff in if you go this route. There have been certain occasions where people have talked to a host and could store their stuff there when the host had the room to do so.

Minimize Your Expenses

This is the most important thing that you should do in tough times. There are many apps that can provide the solution you need to keep your finger on your expenses and funds. You need to save as much as possible so that you have the funds you need to reestablish yourself and/or your family. Don't go splurging, but rather think about how you can scrape by with the bare minimum. You will thank yourself when you get the chance to see that this will bring you back to stability quicker than if you didn't take this extra step.


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Hire Movers

If you have a little bit of cash set back, you might find this to be the fastest way to get into your new place, so you can get on with life. By getting in touch with a reputable moving company, you'll be able to rest assured that they'll ensure the move is as painless as possible. A sudden eviction may be a terrible time to have to live through, but with the right movers on your side, it will quickly be a thing of the past.

Obviously, there is no good time to be evicted. However, if you’re facing this unpleasant situation, these are a few strategies that can help you get through the process a little more easily.

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