JT Foxx Reviews — Being the Next Manny Pacquiao in the Business Scene

Foxx has admitted that some people find him a bit too brash and shocking -- based on all the JT Foxx reviews he keeps getting from both legit and illegitimate reviews

The likes of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak; actors Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone; Donald Trump’s son, Eric, and other known personalities all have glowing testimonies about JT Foxx, who’s known to be one of the world’s best wealth coaches.

Foxx has admitted that some people find him a bit too brash and shocking — based on all the JT Foxx reviews he keeps getting from both legit and illegitimate reviews. However, he further adds: “I’ve created more ‘Entrepreneurs of the Year’ than any other [wealth coach] all over the world. I will make you the ‘Manny Pacquiao of Business.'”

So, what does it take to be the ‘Manny Pacquiao of Business’?


Stay Focused and Being Fearless

Foxx, who’s known to own over 50 companies and brands spanning all over the world, said he made his first US million when he was still 24; his second when he was 25. Afterward, he made 10 million US dollars by the time he turned 28, and 100 million US dollars when he turned 30.

Foxx stated further that he can tell, just by looking at a person what goes on in their mind. He would select a few members of the audience and stated that one is scared to venture out into business. Another one was told he was too young and is still bothered that he won’t be taken seriously.

“90% of the decisions you’ll make in the next 5 seconds — your gut feel — will be right. [And] in order to succeed, you need the right strategy, the right system, the right information and the right coach as well,” Foxx adds.

Foxx stresses that people must get over their fear and start being entrepreneurs themselves. “And you know what’s your competitive edge today?” he asked. “I am here for you. I’m asking you to jump off the plane, and I’ll be your parachute,” he emphasized.

Foxx also believes that more women should start exploring more business opportunities. “If you can raise children, then raising a business is easier for you,” Foxx said.


Being Successful, Getting Branded

Foxx, who promotes branding by association states that his work goes beyond solo and business branding needs. “I brand countries,” he added further.

As a brand himself, Foxx is also a media personality who also hosts a radio program, and soon, his own TV show. His book, the Millionaire Underdog is currently available, while he continues to regularly contribute to magazines such as Forbes, Live Out Loud and Prestige Magazine.

He also engages in philanthropy, especially in supporting children battling cancer and the organizations and hospitals who takes care of them.

“[Your] network is [your] net worth. Who you are with is who you become,” Foxx added.

The JT Foxx Organization is indeed an avenue that can help you to be the next “Manny Pacquiao” in the field of business. Just remember to apply everything that Foxx has told you, and should you ever need more guidance, you can always get a business coach trained in the ways of JT Foxx.