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Get Complete Master Heath checkup in Chennai, India for the Lowest price. Package includes 86 Blood test, 4 radiology scans along with ECG, Chest X-Ray, Doctor consultation, PAP smear Mammography (For women) Get immediate appointments in ISO certified centers. Complete health checkup pack

The significance of Full Body Master Health Checkup It's Price details in Chennai

Chennai, The Fastest Expanding City

Chennai is the quickest flourishing cities in India. This city is quite popular for its low-cost health care services to foreign and domestic travelers. People of the undeveloped areas of the city have a perpetual accusation about a shortage of healthcare facilities to them. There are a few primary facilities available but they hardly function.

Chennai is the most costly city when it befalls fashion. There is enormous growth in the healthcare enterprise too but not all can afford it. The city also bears the weight of recurring ailments such as heart disorders, diabetes, kidney and liver complications, cancer, arthritis, etc. The children face problems like obesity, diabetes, and high blood lipids. The uncertainty that influences these young souls constitutes hypertension, smoking, physical inactivity, and not forget their irregular diet regime. Chennai recently has surpassed Delhi for the expanses of air pollution leading to lower respiratory diseases.

All these conditions can be limited with good hygiene, neat drinking water facilities, proper sanitation, decent nutrition, tutored eating manners and of course regular full body master health check-ups. Good health is not any seasonal fascination. It is a process to maintain a balanced diet by consuming healthy and nutritious food and active body movements which can be sort after with exercising. The Regular full body health check-ups in Chennai covers basic tests like, physical examination for vitals

  • complete blood count
  • lipid Profile for cholesterol levels
  • diabetic profile tests
  • liver Function tests
  • kidney functions test
  • chest x-rays and ECG for diagnosing heart problems
  • ultrasounds of the abdomen and pelvis
  • urine analysis

Relevance Of Regular Body Checkup

It is the perfect way to detect early health issues. Your doctor can estimate your state of well-being and diagnose any occurring problems. These check-ups help,

  • a doctor identify problems
  • suggest immediate treatment
  • prevent any disease
  • promote better health
  • improve a patient-doctor relationship.

Health check-ups at discounted costs in Chennai

Bookmyscans is the your ultimate place to find the best master body check-up packages in Chennai. We cater to each and every symptomatic requirement helping you get these tests executed at discounted costs. Bookmyscans partners with centres that are AERB accredited and ISO and NABL verified. Bookmyscans enables surveying reports online and downloading them whenever required. We help people meet their diagnostic needs, helping them save a lot of money as well. The packages offering full body check-up costs in Chennai include,

  • Bronze Health Check-Up (47 Tests, 2 Scans Doctor Consultations) – INR 1,999
  • Silver Health Check-Up (86 Tests, 2 Scans Doctor Consultations) – INR 2,999
  • Gold Health Check-Up (86 Tests, 4 Scans Doctor Consultations) – INR 3,999
  • Platinum Health Check-Up (86 Tests, 5 Scans Doctor Consultations) – INR 4,999

We are glad to serve our clients in the best possible ways. Visit Bookmyscans to choose your best package. Our services look to provide efficient healthcare help for all age groups. The services generally include care and senior citizen health check-up packages, women’s health care, family health check-up packages and also complete children healthcare check-up packages.