What is the revenue model of Twitter?

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According to recent news updates, Twitter has reduced the number of users one can follow per day in order to curb the involvement of spammers. Earlier, a Twitter user was allowed to follow a maximum of 1000 users in a day. There is a growing number of bots offered by companies that automatically follow numerous users at once. Twitter has come up with this solution of reducing the number of users one can follow per day to 400.


Will this cause a loss to Twitter?

Maybe. But maintaining a reliable platform surpasses everything. If these spams aren’t checked and restricted then eventually users will be vexed and it is not good for the business at all.


Twitter as a business

Twitter, a social media platform is now a reliable source for news. As an entrepreneur, it is an amazing option to launch a platform of your own similar to Twitter that enables social networking service.

How Twitter makes money?

Twitter doesn’t charge users to be a participant so the only way it makes revenue is by providing advertising space. According to Reuters, total advertising revenue rose to $791 million. More than half that revenue came from video ads placed by corporate clients.


So the crucial point is to develop an attractive app and website that will lure users.


How to develop an app like Twitter?

Instead of choosing the usual way of developing an app from scratch buy a complete Twitter clone script from a reputed company.


What is the benefit?

Developing a clone app saves on a lot of investments and time as it comes with the basic features and workflow. If needed, then you can enhance the script using a few skilled developers. AppDupe is a well-known name in the clone app development field. They offer the best Twitter clone app script and their adept developers are there to help with developing a customized app.


It is important to offer a good experience to users and that can’t be achieved if you prioritize money over user satisfaction. I hope you will remember this when you start your own Twitter-like platform.