Twitter clone app: Build your own closed social media network

AppDupe, a pioneer in clone app development can develop unparalleled Radar Twitter clone script with the best of features to choose from. Create the complete twitter script in all aspects of the venture and take it to the next level.

Twitter is one of the significant social networking sites that have introduced the concept of microblogging. This app lets the user post a concise message of about 280 characters. The users can post tweets along with comments, shares, likes, and retweets among other actions.

Twitter helps users get connected to anybody and follow anyone on a global scale. This success recipe has intrigued various entrepreneurs to support it. So recreating the same magic by budding entrepreneurs have become inevitable and have taken a new twist to the foundation of twitter like app. Twitter is an open platform with social commotions and users have been using the app for various reasons. What if an app like Twitter can be a closed loop explicitly designed for in-house organizations? The twitter like the app can hosts a myriad of features and a private official network will be devoid of any social chatter and noise.

To make this happen, you can choose to create the app either from scratch or develop a clone app. The latter option is more comfortable to develop, and AppDupe can make it happen. AppDupe is a pioneer in the field of clone app development and can provide a self-hosted networking site solely for an organization. The cutting-edge features of Twitter clone script can be customized to suit the needs of the employees pertaining to the organization and the environment of the workplace is kept intact.

Blip or Tweet

Post work updates, development status or memos to notify other colleagues.


Other employees can comment on the posts and give suggestions.


Share the posts and broadcast it to your teammates.


Every employee will get news feeds regarding the status of the project. The employees can post their ideas on the platform to improve products and operations.


With AppDupe, you can develop the Twitter clone app as a reliable platform across an organization with its alluring services and features that makes your Twitter clone to stand apart. Develop a fully-functional and complete Twitter script under a reasonable budget.