James Wilson: Why Fans Refer Him As The Next Mike Tyson?

James Wilson popularly known as the beast has had a terrific career in boxing. His fans have drawn a comparison with Mike Tyson. He is an undefeated champion. Read this blog to know more!

James Wilson is the best in the block. He is going to be a popular name in the future. Heavyweight boxing is not easy and people often wonder who will be the next ‘Mike Tyson’.

James Wilson could be the next ‘Mike Tyson’ and that is what fans believe and vouch for. Wilson surely has all the qualities and skills to be the next Tyson. James Wilson is an outstanding athlete who was in an NFL camp. James Wilson knockout fights are all about power and fierce skills. Wilson has a record of 8-0 along with 7 knockouts.

Wilson’s story started around 20 years back on the streets of L.A. He fits perfectly to be a fighter, the strength, intimidating look, and the chiseled muscles is all about boxing. He has a huge build that gives him a look of a bodybuilder.

During his childhood, he has faced a lot of struggles. He was homeless and lived in a foster home. Rather than letting his tough childhood affect him, he used his struggles to make him weak he used it as an inspiration to become a city track and field athlete. He has graduated with a Bachelors degree in sociology. He has also been a football player of the year in school. He was blessed with skills in many sports like football, track, and baseball but he took forward his career in kickboxing. James Wilson has also been a part of MMA fighting where he has a record of 5-3. Later, he found interest in professional boxing. He has a record of 8-0 out of which 7 wins are because of knockout.

James Wilson as Mike Tyson

  • Wilson’s has a huge fan following who have lots of expectation from him. Many fans have compared Wilson to Mike Tyson. During the starting of his career, the comparison was made for him.

  • The comparison is probably made due to a number of reasons.  Wilson and Tyson have the same height and body. Both prefer going on knockouts all of the time. Wilson has used this comparison to make him even better in the fighting.
  • After watching James Wilson fight many fans have compared him to Mike Tyson. Wilson has been a part of both kickboxing and MMA fights. He is an undefeated kickboxer.

  • Wilson has won 7 times in boxing winning all of the matches.

  • Wilson is also known as the beast owing to his massive build and huge frame. Among American ranking of heavyweight champions, Wilson ranks 69 which is more likely to drop lower in the coming future. Wilson has got the spunk and skills of being one of the most famous boxers the world has ever seen. It might sound a little strange to compare James Wilson to the legend, Mike Tyson. James Wilson has all of the skills and capabilities to become a top boxer in the coming future.  Moreover, Wilson has all the tools and seems to be very promising and impressive hence the comparison.

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