5 Wellness Channels You Need to Follow

Here are some wellness channels that can give you tips and offer up support to help you reach your goals.

Thanks to the internet, we can easily and instantly obtain all kinds of information about health and wellness. However, there are so many places that provide this knowledge that it could feel overwhelming. How do you know which sources are the real deal? To help you get started, here are five wellness channels you definitely need to follow.

The Medical Channel

The Medical Channel is available on Roku. It contains many programs pertaining to modern medicine and general health. Information can range from learning what the symptoms are for diabetes to herbal remedies. Keep in mind that this channel isn't a replacement for an actual doctor. The educational content could make for a good conversation starter with friends and family. One of the best parts is that this channel is free.

Hot For Food

Here's a YouTube channel that focuses on Vegan recipes. The channel's hosts, Lauren and John, make videos about making delicious, healthy meals. They even like to compete in who can make the best kind of food, like who can make the best Vegan breakfast. Hot For Food has an Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, their own blog, and even a vegan cookbook available for purchase.

The Live Fit Girl

You can find this channel on YouTube. Deanna posts videos that focus on everyday fitness, including yoga and pilates. Watchers will be able to follow these workouts, as she also uses exercise tools that are affordable for the average consumer. Her training videos are tailored for women and helping them get strong abs, a toned behind, and much more. She also posts healthy recipes on her Pinterest.

Tone It Up

Tone It Up is a Youtube channel run by two fit women: Karena and Katrina. What makes their videos unique from other workout channels is that you'll feel like you're hanging out with a couple of friends. They have fun with their exercising and even inspire other women to get fit and tone it up. Tone It Up even has an app that'll allow you to access their classes on the go.


The breakdown of our cells is inevitable, no matter who you are. This can lead to a reduction in the functioning of healthy processes in the body later in life. Luckily, there's a way that these problems can be tackled on a genetic level. Tune in to Asea's Roku channel to learn more about your cellular breakdown. This channel talks about products from Asea that helps reduce and prevent the disintegration of your cells. Asea's Roku channel is interesting for young adults and middle-aged viewers alike.

Another benefit to conveniently receiving information from the internet is that you can share it on social media. YouTube allows you to share videos, like from Hot For Food, on sites like Facebook. Roku channels, like Asea's Roku channel, can be great to watch with friends when they come over. There are a wealth of wellness channels available on various video platforms, but these five can give you a good head start.