How To Go To Muktinath Temple And Why?

Muktinath Temple one of the most ancient temples of God Vishnu visit by both Buddhist and Hindu.Book Muktinath temple tour package with We Ramblers. Join us.
Muktinath Yatra the most important temples in Nepal. Muktinath tour considered most scared tour of the lifetime by Hindus and Bu


Seeing is believing, and Muktinath temple certainly is the perfect example of this statement. The grandeur of Muktinath is like witnessing heaven on Earth in this very lifetime. If you want to experience serenity, calmness, and, real bliss, Muktinath is the place where you must be there for once.


Visiting Nepal is incomplete if your tour does not include this temple that has an incredible historically enriched background and is filled with legends and mystical stories. Muktinath temple is a spiritual pilgrim spot located at an altitude of 3710 meters, which is the temple situated at the highest possible elevation, second being Tngnath in India. 


It is situated right at the foothills of the Thorong La mountain pass which is at Mustang, Nepal. Muktinath temple is built in Pagoda style, but it is an ancient temple dedicated to  Lord Vishnu. Since Buddhist guru Padmasambhava also meditated and attained moksha in this temple, it is a marked place of worship for all the Buddhist pilgrims too.


The Route to reach Muktinath Temple:


The journey to Muktinath temple is a lifetime experience!  People who already been there said that it was a breathtaking and fantastic experience. To begin your journey to Muktinath Temple, you first need to go to Pokhara from Kathmandu.


There are two options. Either you have to take a quite expensive flight or opt to take a car. Then you have to fly from Pokhara to Jomsom. You will reach Jomsom within 15 minutes. However, the trip in those mini cessnas and helicopters are choppy and not for the weak hearted individual.


Though the journey is concise, it is thrilling. After crossing a wooden bridge and walking around 1.5 km, you will reach the bus stop from where you will get the bus for Muktinath tour area. The roads are full of pebbles, so the journey to Muktinath is not so smooth. After getting off from the coach nearby at Lulaj,  you need to walk 2 km to reach the temple.

After trekking through a small distance for a while, you will reach the temple finally!


The walk is tough, but you cannot take your eyes off from the beautiful hilly view. Most of the time-temperature of that place remains low. Still, in that freezing temperature, people take a bath in the 108 teerthams and worship the Lord in the fervent hope of receiving blessings from him.


You can start your return journey on the same day. As you travel through the road leading to the temple, You will witness traces of snow all along the sides of the road along with several waterfalls. To complete this trip, you need a maximum of 6 to 7 days. While planning, you can also hire a tour agent who will guide you on this whole thing.


Why should you go to Muktinath Temple?


Hindus come here to complete their pilgrimage, and it is believed that visiting this place can purify their soul. People come here to pray for good fortune and health as well as washing all sins.


Besides the entire religious note, the journey to Muktinath tour package offers a marvelous view of mountains. You will get opportunities to explore other heritage sites located in Kathmandu, Likhini, Pokhara, and so on.


What do you need to keep in mind?


Before starting, you must not forget to take warm clothes, medicines, dry foods, and the most important thing i.e. entry permit. If you are not a citizen of Nepal, you must need permission to visit this place.


If you have any problem, stop yourself from going to this place. Last but not the least; you must know the best time for visiting this holy place. Please avoid the Rainy season and winter season to be there.


All in all, Muktinath Yatra is a heavenly place and worth to visit. Do not miss it if you ever get a chance to go there.