Last Minute Family Friendly Halloween Costumes

It is always a struggle to wrangle the whole family on October 31st

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays. Witches, goblins, ghosts, ghouls, monsters, vampires, zombies and werewolves are everywhere. When you start having kids Halloween is a whole new ballgame. Months of planning out their costumes… or more like changing their costumes five times because they keep switching their ideas. I always get to the big day and realize I have no costume for the school parties, family parties, and trick-or-treating! Here are some costumes I found I could whip together the last minute and look a little festive at all the family Halloween events moms will be at all day long!



This costume is absolutely perfect for anyone who enjoys going out but dislikes the act of actually talking to people. The makeup in itself is like wearing a mask and you don't need special skills or fancy makeup to do it. It would really be a nice change from the usual costumes you see year after year. You can find an affordable mime costume here. If you prefer making things yourself, this is surprisingly really easy and lots of fun. All you really need is black and white makeup with black and white clothes.


This one also looks like a lot of fun. You can do just about anything you want with it. What kind of Barbie would you want to be? I remember seeing all the Barbie dolls at the store and I used to wish how they made ones like gothic Barbie or drunk Barbie. The options for this costume are endless. If you want to stick to the original Barbie, you can find the costume for it here, perfectly packaged and unopened.


Oh yes, that's right. Ghostbusters are not just for guys anymore. I seriously suggest rounding up some friends to make these awesome Halloween costumes work at least once. Although they might lean on the pricey side, they would definitely make you and your friends look incredible and very different from the rest of the crowd. You can find them here.

Hocus Pocus

This is an oldie but definitely a goodie. Similar to the Ghostbusters costume, this one is also a great choice for groups of friends. If you are not entirely sure who is who, just watch the movie to get a better understanding. If you love this movie and you have two best friends, I am going to say they probably love it too. You can find ALL of them on Etsy. This is actually the first costume I have ever seen being sold as a pack. If you do decide on this, grab them fast because I do not see them lasting very long.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Who made up the silly rule that adults can't be princesses? Disney is for everybody to celebrate, just like Halloween. This costume would be even better if you had a beast as your partner. What really rocks this costume, is you can choose between the evening gown she wears to dinner with the beast, or the blue dress with the white apron she is wearing at the beginning of the film. You can find the adult version of the Belle dress here.

Hillary Clinton

You deserve so much credit for wearing this out. This is a very daring and controversial costume, as it would more than likely spark many political debates. However, I am almost 100% certain that it is also a lot of fun. If you have someone to dress up as Bill, that would be even better. Although I could not find a formal costume for Hillary, you are able to purchase the mask here and simply add onto it with a pants suit.

There you have the six most individual and quirky Halloween costumes for women. Some are for groups and others who decide to fly solo for the night. No matter which one you pick, there is something on this list for everyone. We hope you found the costume right for you!