Landing pages & Destination URLs Back to Top

  • Ads that contain a URL or domain in the body must link to that same URL or domain.

  • All users must be sent to the same landing page when the ad is clicked.

  • Landing pages that generate a pop-up (including "pop-overs" and "pop-unders") when a user enters or leaves the page are not allowed.

  • Landing pages cannot use "fake" close behavior (ie. when a user clicks the 'close' icon on the page, the page should close down and no other behavior should result).

  • Landing pages cannot utilize "mouse trapping" whereby the advertiser does not allow users to use their browser "back button" and traps them on their site and/or present any other unexpected behavior (for example: navigation to another ad or page).

  • Ads and landing pages cannot contain Unitymix trademarks or logos, or otherwise reference Unitymix in the content of the landing page or its URL.

Ad Copy Back to Top

  • Ads must clearly state and represent the company, product, or brand that is being advertised.

Language and image content Back to Top

  • Provocative images will not be accepted.

  • Ads may not contain, facilitate or promote adult content, including nudity, sexual terms and/or images of people in positions or activities that are excessively suggestive or sexual.

  • Ads may not contain, facilitate or promote offensive, profane, vulgar, obscene, or inappropriate language.Ads may not contain, facilitate or promote defamatory, libelous, slanderous and/or unlawful content.

Prohibited Content Back to Top

  • We do not accept advertising referencing, facilitating or prompting the following:

    • Tobacco products

    • Ammunition, firearms, paintball guns, bb guns, or weapons of any kind

    • Gambling, including without limitation any online casino, sports books, bingo, or poker

    • Software downloads, freeware, or shareware

    • Scams, illegal activity and/or illegal contests, pyramid schemes, or chain letters

    • Adult toys, videos, or other adult products

    • Inflammatory religious content

    • Politically religious agendas and/or any known associations with hate, criminal and/or terrorist activities

    • Hate speech, whether directed at an individual or a group, and whether based upon the race, sex, creed, national origin, religious affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation or language of such individual or group

    • Content that advocates against any organization, person, or group of people, with the exception of candidates running for public office

    • Unitymix site features may not be emulated.

Ads for Alcoholic Beverages Back to Top

  • Ads must all be targeted to people 21 years old or older in the US, 19 years old or older in Canada, 18 years old or older in the UK, and 21 years old or older everywhere else. All Unitymix Pages viewer restrictions must be set at 21+ regardless of the country they are in or targeted to. In the case where a user's age cannot be determined, the ad cannot be displayed to the user in question.

Copyrights and trademarks Back to Top

  • In both ad text and image, you must not include any content that may be deemed as infringing upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary right, or that is deceptive or fraudulent.

  • Advertiser must have intellectual property rights to the creative and be permitted to display such creative as advertising

Spam Back to Top

  • No ad may contain, facilitate or promote 'spam' or other advertising or marketing content that violates applicable laws, regulations or industry standards.