4 Boredom Busters for When You’re Stuck in a Rut

Sometimes we all get stuck or bored or both and don't have a way out. Here are just a few ways to accomplishing getting out of that rut.

Creativity is the enemy of boredom, and the Internet is here to help. With fascinating information and engaging activities that will stimulate your creativity, the Internet provides many ways to restore a sense of discovery and vanquish even the most persistent case of the doldrums.


If you aren't sure where to start, here are four possible routes to begin your quest for fun new pastimes.

Explore Tarot and Astrological Readings

One sure way to be entertained is to check out your astrological information. Everyone has an astrological sign and even if you don't prescribe to astrology it can be fascinating to see which elements are associated with your birthday. Many websites provide information not just on your sign, but on corresponding elements, constellations, and animals.


Astrology is often associated with dating and finding a partner with a sign which is compatible with your own. But it can also be an excellent way to explore elements of yourself independently. It is simple to find many specific websites that can explain the meanings of the signs as well as any implications they may give towards your personality and fate. You might learn something new about yourself or your friends and family members, and it is always worth taking a look to see which signs your loved ones have too. Knowing not only your own sign but those of your friends can provide an excellent source for conversation and friendly banter.


Likewise, online tarot readings are available to help provoke thought, both about yourself and your plans for the future. Not only does each person have an astrological sign, but each person also has a tarot card that is associated with their birth date too. Though these are less commonly known, finding out yours is a fun way to see just how closely you match up (or don't) to your individualized predictions.


Many websites additionally offer three-card tarot readings or even readings with larger sets of cards (called "spreads") to help you think through options in regards to daily life problems or upcoming decisions. Often, the tarot is helpful for those looking for an optimistic sign that their plans will pay off or insight for relationships. Advice is only a few clicks away now that the Internet makes it easy to access personal tarot readings any time that you're bored.

Learn New Skills or Trivia

The Internet offers an abundance of websites explicitly dedicated to learning new skills, whether for everyday use or as the start of a new hobby. With the help of a search engine, it is possible to discover websites with instructional articles or tutorial videos on any subject from coding HTML to barrel-making.


Additionally, it is easy to cure boredom by allowing oneself to get sucked into informational articles about any topic at all if it is previously unknown material. Hours can be spent browsing fun facts about little-known historical figures or trivia from behind the scenes of popular films. One can discover new and interesting animals and learn about their habitats and behaviors, or an afternoon can be happily spent learning about another region's ancient mythology.


Since the Internet is primarily a giant archive of information, there is an endless wealth of knowledge and tools to help any layman grasp a new skill or buff up their trivia knowledge for the next game night with friends.

Read Archived Classical Literature

Many people are already aware that after a certain period after the death of an author, their work typically enters the public domain. This means that it is relatively easy to obtain a copy of most older classical pieces of literature. But with the Internet cataloging more every day, it is now a simple thing to search for and read entire novels online.


Chances are many of the books you may have read in your school years are available for free and available to read right at your computer or on your tablet. But many lesser known books are also in the public domain, and there are plenty of novels for every type of reader. Many exciting tales can be explored for free at your own pace online, and there are even services available to the public that offer audio recordings of classical literature at no cost, which means that these stories can be enjoyed at home or on the go.


If you have wanted to try reading something new, but don't want to spend the money on a new physical copy of a book, or if you want to check out some of the classical books that you never got around to before, online archives are an excellent resource. You can find hundreds and hundreds of new things to read, ranging from A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories to the original telling of Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Play Nostalgic Online Games

Sometimes the best solution to boredom is to revisit an old pastime that has been left alone long enough to be interesting again. Many people find that playing new games online can be an enjoyable learning curve that helps both with making new friends and doing something different.


But there is also a lot of value in going back to older games that might have changed since the last time they were played. These could be flash games that involve simple controls to jump around through different levels and collect prizes, or pet simulation games might be more interesting if you want something in depth.


Whether there are childhood games that are still available on the Internet to rediscover, or you are just looking into them for the first time, there is likely to be a pleasant sense of nostalgia simply from engaging in something simple, fun and devoid of stress. Free computer games online are a great way to unwind and remember what it's like to play just for the sake of playing.

Boredom Begone!

With the suggestions above and some inspiration to forge new paths into the vast expanse that is the Internet, you are now ready to find new and exciting ways to pass the time and discover fun. The online world is your oyster.