Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Lipstick

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Lipstick is the most important part of makeup. Though the process of applying a lipstick seems simple it involves many stages. Right from selecting the right lip shade to applying it right, people make many mistakes when it comes to this makeup product. These days there are a lot of online tutorials available which teach you how to apply a lipstick correctly. Nevertheless, a very few experts will tell you about the common mistakes people make when applying a lipstick. A right lip colour can change the overall look and at the same time, an incorrect shade can ruin the whole look. Most artists who teach bridal makeup in Mumbai are experts in lipstick application but it is also necessary to know about the commonly made mistakes. Here are some common mistakes one should avoid when it comes to applying a lipstick.

  • Not hydrating the lips before applying a lipstick

When it comes to face makeup most of us religiously exfoliate the skin, apply primer and then apply the foundation, however, in the case of lips we directly go for the application of the lipstick. The right way to apply a lipstick is to first hydrate the lips. One should apply a primer on the lips too before going for the lipstick application. If you do not want to use a primer then make sure you apply a lip balm and moisturise your lips before the lipstick takes over. This way the lipstick can be applied smoothly and the shade will also stay longer!

  • Not using a liner

Many people ditch the use of lipliner thinking it’s a waste of time and does not serve any purpose. However, a lipliner is very important for your lipstick to actually stay on. When you do not apply a lipliner your lipstick is bound to bleed after a while especially if it’s a dark shade. Also, if you have thin lips then applying a lip liner one shade darker than the lipstick will give them a fuller appearance.

  • Starting from the wrong direction

Lipstick application is a process and each step can make or break your look. The most common mistake people make while applying lipstick is that they start from the outside and then fill the lips in the middle. It is advisable to start applying lipstick from the middle of the lips because that way the lip colour spreads easily and evenly.

Any course which specializes in bridal makeup in Mumbai will train you in lipstick application.