Your security is our priority.

We maintain the highest standards of data privacy and security because after all, your data is your business.


Data Encryption

Customer Data is encrypted at rest using 256-bit Encryption. Data is encrypted in transit using bank-grade encryption.


Vulnerability Scanning

unitymix, with the best security services to perform ongoing network and application layer vulnerability scans.

Vulnerability Disclosure Process

If you think there's a security vulnerability in our service, please do let us know. It is important that we work closely with you or your team to resolve any security issues.

Payment information

Your payment and billing information is stored by a secure, PCI-compliant provider. We never store your payment information on our servers.


Regular Data Backups

We backup your data daily, and therefore it is possible for data to be restored quickly and efficiently.

Password Salting Hashing

All user passwords are salted, hashed, and encrypted in transit.

Keep Login Credentials Confidential

Your user ID, username, password, picture, and/or pin code all represent keys that allow you to access your account information on our system. Do not disclose these credentials to others.


DDoS prevention

We use technologies from well-established and trustworthy service providers to prevent DDoS attacks on our servers. These technologies offer multiple DDoS mitigation capabilities to prevent disruptions caused by bad traffic, while allowing good traffic through. This keeps our websites, applications, and APIs highly available and performing.

Security training

All employees complete security training when they join and are continually refreshed.



All unitymix web traffic is served over HTTPS. We force HTTPS for all web resources, including our REST API, web app and public website. We also use HSTS to ensure that browsers communicate with our services using HTTPS exclusively. Additionally, we use only strong cipher suites.



Our primary databases, including backups are fully encrypted at rest. In addition, all archives and logs are fully encrypted at rest. We use industry standard encryption algorithms.