Trends that are driving the Switch to Natural Beauty Products

Vedic Vanna is an online brand for Pure luxury Ayurveda Haircare, Skincare & Aromatherapy products that is made with 100% Natural Indian herbs extracts.

Our Products fulfill objectives of being therapeutic & sensorial, aimed to deliver ‘feel great” experiences that are

In the time of easy information accessibility owing to  social media explosion, consumers are now more aware and influenced by trends related to their everyday living. As a result of which, beauty that was considered “fashion” few years back now has a holistic approach where beauty is more focused on wellness today. 

Celebrities and influencers who promote beauty products are now more conscious of the consumer’s interests and hence have started endorsing natural and herbal products which have no harmful effects.

Today’s consumers are concerned about the effects of chemicals and are taking a closer look on labels of products to ensure they are making the right choice for the wellness of their own self and family.

This growing trend of the rising numbers demanding that brands make clean products are forcing the big brands to build from scratch to comply with user demands. 

Vedic Vanna is a luxury Ayurveda brand that has been selling best quality Ayurvedic and herbal products that are made from safe and clean ingredients.

Vedic Vanna’s online Ayurvedic store currently sells Ayurvedic Hair oil, Herbal hair oil, body massage oil, Kumkumadi serum and aroma essential oils.

You can find the best natural products when it comes to hair oil for growth, ayurvedic hair oil, Bhringraj oil, coconut oil sesame oil . The body massage oil with sesame and other Indian herbs are very effective to relax your muscles.

A pure Ayurvedic Kumkumadi skin serum rich in Vitamin C other nutrients is an effective, natural product for skin glow, best serum for skin glow hydration . Their wellness section includes diffuser essential oil for aromatherapy and has a great collection of natural oils like rose, jasmine, sandalwood, lavender essential oil and lemongrass oil.

The brand ensures that they provide the best beauty care for consumers who doesn’t compromise with quality and prefer to stick to natural skincare products.