Experience special assistance through special Emirates Airlines

Everything becomes easy when you take a small step before your destination. For people who believe in the word possible can make safely journey through Emirates Airlines.

Emirates is one the world's largest airline and is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is owned by the government of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai. It is the biggest airline in the Middle East, which operates over 3,300 flights per week from its hub at Dubai International Airport. The airline flies to many destinations including Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, London, Amman, Baghdad, Bahrain, Basra, Beirut, Cairo, Dammam, and Doha. Emirates is said to be the best airlines for providing special and important services to its passengers. Book your next destination through Emirates Airlines and get all major services by the airlines.

Read on the blog to know about the special services you get when flying Emirates:

Why is Emirates the best for unaccompanied minors?

When your child is flying alone, the team of Emirates be there every step of the way to make sure the journey is an adventure. Emirates make sure your unaccompanied minor has an unforgettable experience throughout his or her trip. From helping at check-in to transferring between flights or meeting guardians at the final destination, everything will be safely done.

Unaccompanied Minors service is for:

  • Children between the ages of 5 and 15 who are flying alone
  • Children less than 8 years traveling in a different cabin class from their parents or guardians
  • Little ones of more than 8 years traveling in a different cabin class from their parents or guardians with another child under 8

Services for children traveling alone

  • Help through the airport

A specialist member of Emirates team will meet your child at dedicated check-in desk for unaccompanied minors and be with him or her all the way through the airport. Don’t worry for your little one journey and book now through Emirates Airlines Reservations.

  • Priority boarding

Families and children who travel alone always board the plane first. That gives them more time to get settled, the cabin crew can help them stow their carry-on luggage and get comfortable.

How does Emirates take care of Customers with special needs?

Passengers with disabilities or with reduced mobility can look forward to a safe and comfortable journey with Emirates. They will be please to assist you in any way they can.

They recommend that you notify the team of emirates at the time of booking through Emirates airlines. You should notify at least 48 hours before your flight.  Please consider the following information as guidance only.

Deaf or hearing-impaired passengers

  • At the Airport

Emirates have monitors that display flight information for all the fliers, and most gate areas have electronic displays that indicate specific flight information. The gate agents will provide verbal flight information, including boarding announcements and notice of any flight delay or gate changes. Please inform check-in agent if you are deaf or hearing impaired so that they can provide special assistance to you in the event. Before informing, book your next destination through Emirates Airlines Reservations.

  • On Board

Individual safety briefings are given to any customer who requests one. Mentioned in the following briefing is an explanation regarding the most appropriate way to provide assistance to you in accordance with your needs.

  • A flight attendant will provide updates to you when announcements are made during the flight.
  • Onboard headphones are compatible with standard hearing aids switched to the position.
  • On all Emirates flights, prerecorded video safety briefings are captioned in both English and Arabic.

Add comfort and convenience in your journey through Emirates Airlines. They make your journey better and entertaining. Get exclusive offers on your booking.