Job seekers in India must embrace new age technological skills

Graduates in India today must acquire in-demand technical skills to build a successful career path.

India is undergoing rapid digital transformation today. Thanks to more than 600 million internet users today India is also home to the fastest growing digital economy and the Indian government hopes that the digital economy will reach the 1trillion USD mark by 2025. As a consequence the digital economy is also creating a huge demand for individuals trained in cutting edge digital technologies.

However, there exists a severe problem of unemployment in the country with reports from a survey by Aspiring Minds suggesting that as many as 80% of the engineers in the country are almost unemployable in the knowledge economy. In the same report, it has been also claimed only 2.5 % of Indian engineers possess next-gen technological skills like AI, ML and data science. Thus, graduates in India today must acquire in-demand technological skills to build a successful career path. One such next generation and in-demand technology is Machine Learning and getting enrolled in the best machine learning course in India can be very beneficial at the moment.

Machine Learning is among the greatest emerging technologies today!

Machine learning is a sub domain of artificial intelligence that has recently emerged as the top technological innovation of this digital age. All the technology has existed for quite some time but with the data explosion in the last few years ML has revolutionized the human-machine relation.  For instance, today machines can perform efficiently as virtual assistants to humans and computer systems can analyze enormous volumes of data without a problem- all thanks to machine learning!

Let’s take a look at some astounding facts:

  • Business organizations utilizing ML algorithms are able to reduce machine failures by 30%, reduce maintenance and other associated costs by 30%, increased throughput by 20% and increase overall quality by 35%- according a study by Deloitte.
  • It is predicted by McKinsey that AI and ML can create 2.6trillion USD value in digital marketing and sales.
  • ML is used by institutions to make accurate predictions. It is used by multiple agencies for accurate weather predictions and banks use it to predict fraudulent activities while many businesses use ML to predict future outcomes of business strategies.
  • Data scientists use ML to take care of Big Data effectively and bring out insights that previously no one knew existed! It has hugely helped businesses to optimize their supply systems by identifying hard to find bottlenecks.

Machine Learning can solve complex problems easily!

Machine Learning implemented systems have the ability to learn from data and take decisions automatically without being programmed to do so. This is why ML can be used to solve very complex problems. For instance, India suffers from an acute shortage of doctors which is why many lives are lost to late diagnosis. ML systems can be used to automate the process of diagnostics and it is seen that most of the times machines are more capable in such tasks.

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