How to Extend the Life of Your Gadget's Battery

Here are just some thoughts on making sure you have enough battery to get through the day.


If your electronics always seem to run out of juice before noon, naturally you’re frustrated. What’s the point of a cordless phone when it always needs to be close to a charger? Fortunately, there are many things that you can do that will extend your battery's life. Then you can skip always having to sit near an electrical outlet during a meeting or racing to your car to plug it in after working, and actually enjoy a nature outing without worrying if you are going to run out of battery power.

Turn Off After a Predetermined Period

You should go into your settings and tell your gadget to turn off after a certain period of inactivity. While some people find the device turning off after one minute is the right choice for them, others find that five minutes makes their life easier. Just remember that the longer that the device stays active, then the more battery it uses. While you are there, then adjust your screen's brightness, because brighter screens use more battery.

Enable the Power-saving Mode

Many phones made today have a power-saving mode. This is the same mode that your phone may ask you if you want to enter when your gadget's battery is about to fail you. It turns out that there is no harm in keeping it on all the time as long as you are willing to forego some of the push notifications and willing to let your phone syncing less often. In order to enable this mode, check your gadget's instructions as each operates a little differently.

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Turn off Wireless Features

Take a look at your phone's wireless features to make sure that you are using all of them actively. Most phones include GPS, Bluetooth, near-field communication, and WiFi. If you do not want to take the time to turn them off individually, then you may want to think about using airplane mode for a while, as it takes less battery. Of course, then you cannot make or receive any calls until you exit that mode. Check background processes and apps as these may be draining the battery without you even realizing that they are running.

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Quit Multitasking

If your battery is about to die, then it may be time to stop trying to multitask. Playing games takes more battery life than watching a video unless it is a free one with lots of interactive ads. Furthermore, surfing the web takes more energy than answering a call. Thinking through what tasks are essential and only doing those when your gadget's battery is low can help preserve the last few percents of battery life.

There are many different ways to make your gadget's battery last longer. Follow these tips to keep a charge in your battery. Of course, turning it off when you are doing other things saves the most energy and lets you connect with other people better.