Synkronizer – Merge Multiple Excel Files into one Sheet

Synkronizer is the Best Tool to Merge Multiple Excel Files into one Sheet without Writing any Script or Formulas.

For many excel users, to merge two excel files is an almost routine task. But no matter how often this type of task occurs, it is most certain always time consuming. Most users face quite a bit of a challenge to identify differences correctly and to merge or update them. To make this task faster and easier, several excel compare tools are available in the market. But while most of these tools only highlight basic types of differences between two excel files, only very few tools are capable of correctly dealing with inserted columns, inserted rows or databases. And even less tools are able, to do the merging automatically. One of the leading tools is Synkronizer, which supports basic, advanced and professional excel users alike.

A powerful solution

Synkronizer is an Add-In excel compare tool that supports tasks such as to merge two excel files or to Merge multiple excel files into one sheet automatically. Thanks to its easy to use interfaces and its comprehensive range of filter and setting options, Synkronizer is capable to identify alltypes of differences with nearly 100% accuracy. But it is also the only tool available, that is capable to deal correctly with inserted rows, inserted columns and databases. Its main advantage however is its unique way how it supports the process to merge excel files into oneor to update differences.

Easy to use and a seamless workflow

Simply select two workbooks that should be compared. Synkronizer has nearly no limits regarding the number of worksheets within a selected workbook. All worksheets can be compared at once with just one click. Additionally, for repeating tasks, there is the option to save and retrieve projects as well as to save customized settings as a new default.


Merge Excel files


Various filter and setting options for best results

Different tasks require a different type of settings to achieve the best results and to have these results displayed in a meaningful way. For example, you might not want to compare and to see excel comments and therefore there is no point in showing these differences since it would be only a distraction. In Synkronizer each type of differences can be selected whether to be shown or not and it makes it therefore easy to focus on what is relevant. On top of that, individual difference types can be either highlighted or un-highlighted to make merging and updating easier and more convenient. The highlight and un-highlight option is especially useful for files that have many and various types of differences.


Merge Excel files


Identifies all types of differences

When it comes to merging and updating, it can be quite a challenge to select, which type of difference should be considered for the merge and which type not. To make this selection easy, Synkronizer has found a nice way of displaying the results. Each type of difference is shown separately and can be separately considered for the merge. Multiple user tests have shown, that Synkronizer identifies any type of difference. From inserted columns to comments, formulas, fonts, cell colors, etc. All it takes is to click on a difference type and to start the merge.


Merge Excel files


Fully guided and automatic process to merge excel files

While most excel comparison tools end with displaying differences and leave the actual process to merge excel files into one up to the user, only very few solutions support the merging process. But since merging or updating is the most important part of the process, a closer look into the solution is strongly recommended when choosing an excel comparison tool. For professional use it is recommended to choose a tool that has a high accuracy and that provides an easy to use solution for the merging and updating process. In Synkronizer you have the option to either merge a single difference or to merge an entire different type.


Merge Excel files


Powerful database comparison and merge options

Another unique feature of Synkronizer, that really pays off for advanced and professional users, is the option to either compare an excel file as a simple spreadsheet or as a database. Especially when working with databases in excel, such as price lists, product inventories, balance sheets, or customer addresses the specific setting options are critical to achieve accurate results. With its wide range of filter and setting options, specifically made for database comparison and merging, Synkronizer makes sure, that you will get the best results.


Merge Excel files


Comprehensive video tutorials

As usual, the more we work with a tool, the more sophisticated we can use it. Of course, most of the available excel comparison tools have a help section, but Synkronizer takes the help quite a step further. On the Synkronizer website, a very comprehensive video tutorial library is provided, which covers nearly any problem and any task.


As a conclusion, there are several excel comparison tools in the market, that make it easier to merge excel files. While most of the tools identify the basic types of differences correctly, only very few are capable to deal with inserted rows and especially with inserted columns. However, the real challenge usually is to merge two excel files into one. Here it really pays off to choose a solution that provides full support and enables a flexible, customizable and automatic merging. As the most advanced excel compare solution in the market, Synkronizer provides you with a comprehensive set of features that make the merging of excel files fast, easy and accurate.