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Today with the increase in technology the sources of data generation have increased at an astonishing rate. As much as the technology is helping the industries, it even, at one point, gave sleepless nights to them. The traditional form of storage could not handle and store the abundance of data. Later came along various frameworks like Hadoop that successfully stored the big data. Now the main concern was with the processing part of such huge data. The correct analysis of data provides the companies with some valuable insights that help them in taking the right decision. Here came the process of data analysis. It is the study of data that assists in identifying, extracting and representing the companies with relevant and useful information from the raw data. It is the future of artificial intelligence and is therefore necessary for every candidate to take up Data Science Training.


The importance of data science can only be understood after understanding the value of big data. Big data is the data that is generated from various sources like Social Media, Search Engines, Financial Institutions, and many more.

Traditional data processing systems were capable of processing small amounts of data that were in linear formats. But today the big data itself is categorized into three types:


  • Structured Format
  • Unstructured Format
  • Semi-structured Format


All these formats are difficult to analyze and therefore data science is the answer. Since the data is not in a linear format, a data scientist needs to have a lot of knowledge to analyze the unstructured raw data. Therefore, data science is the amalgamation of programming knowledge, analytical knowledge, and business skills and candidates who are looking forward to become data scientist should take the Data Science Course to inculcate all the required skills.

Data Science is divided into four categories:


All the above-mentioned profile have their separate roles and together using the right tools, algorithms, and technologies, they try to make sense of raw data and convert it into an exclusive business advantage. Data science focuses on the present and future by using various approaches that includes Graph Analysis, Statistics, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Machine Learning.


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