A Guide for Parents Looking to Buy Their Baby Girl Shoes

The article is discussing the right way to get baby girl shoes and serving as the guide for parents those looking to buy shoes for their newborn or baby girl shoes.

One of the sweetest purchases you can make for your baby is their first pair of shoes. The decision should go beyond just picking out an adorable option (even though you're welcome to choose something based on its cuteness alone). Follow our guide for finding the right baby walking shoes which will be loved by your little princess as well.

What is the Best Time to Buy Baby Girl Shoes?

Your baby's feet need only be kept warm with socks or booties before she starts walking. As soon as she starts walking outside, she will need appropriate shoes to prevent injuries to her tiny toes.

Brittany Ferri,famous therapist, says the soles of your baby shoes should be non-slip or rubberized to help with stability as they begin to walk.

Don’t Buy Your Baby’s First Shoes at Very Beginning

You might think you need to buy baby shoes for them immediately after they take their first, exciting, wobbly steps, but this is not the case. You still have a while to go before you have to start searching online for 'baby's first shoes'.

When babies are first learning to walk, they benefit from having bare feet for a while. They should be able to feel everything and wiggle their toes. At this point, walking shoes would only create an unnecessary barrier between them and the ground. In this new way, they will have a harder time gripping and learning to balance themselves.

While little feet do not need walking shoes yet, they can use a little extra protection against cold or rough surfaces.Your baby's feet will be protected from injuries by the soft and light socks that offer flexibility and freedom. You should let your baby find their balance and confidence at this stage of development.

How to Choose the Best Baby Walking Shoes

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends these other features when buying baby walking shoes:

  1. Non-slip soles that are flexible: The first shoes your baby wears should have a closed toe and be comfortable for her.
  2. Fit the shoe properly: It's important that baby shoes fit and are comfortable immediately after purchase. They shouldn't need to be broken in.
  3. No special features are required: AAP recommends that parents stick with sneakers, advising them to avoid shoes with wedges, inserts, or special arches. These are neither necessary nor beneficial for a baby's development.

How Can You Keep Your Baby's Shoes On?

Shoes are notoriously kicked off by infants, and older babies may even try to take them off themselves. A few tips to keep the shoes on baby's feet:

  1. Make sure it fits: When you remove the shoe, it should be snug but not leave any marks so, Push down on the toe with your hand and feel for it
  2. Shoes That Fit Your Baby's Foot Should Be Bought
  3. Find a pair that baby likes! Whenever your little cutie tries to take off her shoes, test a variety of styles. This will help you find one she is more likely to keep on.

How We Choose the Best Baby Girl Shoes

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