Up to date features for your WhatsApp like Instant messaging app

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WhatsApp, the app that holds most of our conversations is the most popular real-time messaging app that runs on almost all platforms. It has redefined the traditional way of sending and receiving messages. A plethora of other messaging apps also exists in the same space such as Hike, Line, Telegram, and WeChat. These apps are unique in their way with the features and the services they provide. But WhatsApp had a head start on all of them.

According to Statistics, WhatsApp contains one billion daily active users across 180 countries making it the most popular messaging app. Also, WhatsApp introduced a business API created solely for businesses who want to promote their product or services.

By the above-said statistics, you can come to the conclusion that WhatsApp is certainly the forerunner in the field of instant messaging apps. So, this might seem like a good time to create a WhatsApp clone app for your venture. You can also integrate a wide range of features in your app and customize them accordingly. Despite creating a WhatsApp clone app, it is imperative to secure the user’s details in your app. To do that, a new privacy setting feature can be developed in the WhatsApp clone app that allows complete privacy control of the app by the user.


Privacy settings

There is a different bracket of privacy settings that can be included in your WhatsApp Clone app. The users can set the privacy settings individually for their profile picture, status, last seen and more. The user can also choose to tweak them for individual contacts as per discretion. This feature is useful in your instant messaging app clone if you wish for your app to have its own niche.

Another type of privacy setting is the ability for a user to control whether they can be added in a group or not. To break it down, users can be easily added to any group by anyone who has their number. They can choose to set the privacy according to either of the three settings - Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody. This will give full control to the user who can choose to join any group.


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