When you apply the cream?

Tell me honestly, when you apply the cream, which areas do you pay attention to? Only the face and neck?

That's the mistake of most women! We want the skin to remain firm and elastic, so you'll have to be generous - use your anti-aging facial treatment in this area too, because..

With age, the main problem of our skin is the slow production of collagen - it is responsible for the elasticity. Skin care requires special attention and quality cream for the skin, which will help the skin to be beautiful and healthy. Therefore, to prevent wrinkles from appearing before the time, you need to use anti-aging creams that help this very collagen to produce and "push out" wrinkles from the inside. Do I need to nourish the skin around my eyes? The skin around the eyes does not contain adipose tissue and, therefore, is very thin and susceptible to wrinkles. Special creams for the skin around the eyes, as if "thicken" this area. Therefore, some beauty experts strongly recommend using a cream around the eyes.